ARG First-Person Hacking Puzzler [2017]


Release: Game Jam Prototype
Platforms: PC
Timeframe: 48 Hrs (June 2017)
Build: Devpost

Congruence is a first person ARG puzzler developed for Jamchester 2017, a professional 48hr Game Jam in Manchester, in which players must hack terminal based puzzles through real-life game-phone interaction, and was awarded Best Innovation & Creativity by Gary Napper, Claire Bromley and the rest of the industry judges panel.

Prototype Quick Look

Note: the above video is of the initial prototype, further work has been done to improve lighting, the environment, and fix bugs

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing intro sequence, tutorial, and curating the pacing
  • Designing ARG puzzles and interactions
  • Task delegation based on the evolving needs of the project
  • 2D/3D Material effects, namely screen glitching panels and cutscenes in After Effects as well as UI panels
  • UE4 level setup – grey boxing, asset placement, lighting & particle systems
  • Writing dialogue script and background lore

Development screenshots/VFX Work

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Level Layout Showcase

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Development Interview

Award Interview

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