Procedural Exploration Game [2018]


Release: Game Jam Prototype
Build: ITCH.IO (PC/Mac)
Timeframe: 5 Days (Sep 2018)

DIVE is a procedural exploration submarine game made in Unity 2018 for the 5 day Brackeys Game Jam, hosted by the YouTube personality Brackeys. Players control a sub in order to explore a deep and mysterious ocean filled with procedurally generated resources and enemies, surfacing to research and acquire upgrades. The game received recognition from Brackeys himself [YouTube] at 2:39 and 5:41 and an overall positive reception from players.

You can check out the game’s page & download it from its Itch.IO Main Page or Jam Entry Page

Prototype Screenshots

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing and assisting with developing core gameplay systems from paper prototype to implementation
  • Scripted UI, Menu and Dialogue systems in C#
  • Establishing the procedural resource/enemy generation systems
  • Designing surface/underwater segments with upgrades and enemy generation
  • Firefighting for build stability by handling commit merges/conflicts
  • Writing humorous dialogue to boost player engagement
  • Delegating tasks across international team of 4


We were lucky enough to be one of the 8 games featured on the channel and given a shout out, which gave us the additional exposure of a large (500k subs) channel with direct ties to Unity. You can check out the video below, with our game appearing at 2:39 and 5:41

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