Tower Defense Strategy Game [2017-8]

Castle Creeps TD

Studio: Outplay Entertainment
Release: Q2 2017
Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon
Timeframe: Q2 2017 – Q1 2018

Castle Creeps TD is a Tower Defense game, awarded TIGA Best Strategy Game 2017, which combines classic tower defense gameplay with controlling multiple heroes with unique abilities and loadouts. I was onboarded onto the project as a design apprentice, under the Outplay Academy initiative, after previously working as QA due to the project’s need to target mid-to-hardcore players and to install more interaction into a typically passive genre.


Mechanics Showcase

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Duties and Responsibilities

QA Engineer

  • Developing and executing test plans through the use of Atlassian Suite, TestRail, and JIRA
  • Monitoring commit logs via SVN
  • Viewing and changing server side live settings via GameKit
  • Analyzing analytics via Amplitude, Adjust & Google Cloud
  • Creating and maintaining documentation on Confluence
  • Active role in the submission process for the iOS, GP Store, and Amazon App store platforms

Design Apprentice

  • Utilized game analytics to identify underperforming levels and adjust difficulty curves
  • Assessing build performance and stability
  • Improving retention through designing new mechanics, namely Daily Quests
  • Creating new levels using the in-house level editor
  • Improving UI/UX game flow
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Editing server side settings

Development Screenshots

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Awards & Recognition

TIGA  Best Strategy Game 2017 Award

Additional Media

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