PvP Arena Battler [2018]

Castle Creeps Battle

Studio: Outplay Entertainment
Release: Q2 2018
Platforms: iOS, Android
Timeframe: Q4 2017 – Q1 2019

Castle Creeps Battle is a PvP Arena Battler from Outplay Entertainment, in which two players are pitted against each other in a clash royale style arena. Set in the same universe as the award winning Castle Creeps TD, it features a diverse cast of heroic units with unique abilities that can be directly controlled. With tactical decision making, customizable defensive structures, and unique deck loadouts it is a fast paced and exciting multiplayer PvP action title.                                                                                                                              My duties involved testing and ensuring the functionality of the game, utilizing a wide array of tools as well as assisting the design team with balancing and content.

It has over a million downloads and is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taking on an active role in sprint plan meetings, providing information on the build and risk assessment
  • Liasing with technical-oriented developers and production to facilitate interdisciplinary communication
  • Familiarizing myself with the large scale multiplayer infrastructure codebase
  • Smoke testing and reporting these results to the rest of the team
  • Creating and mailing  Sprint Reports to Executive Producers and Team Leads company wide
  • Assisting with new device acquisition due to extensive tech knowledge
  • Utilized a multitude of tools and software packages, namely:
    • JIRA – specifically creating improved standardized testing protocols
    • EPS, Google Cloud, Amplitude for technical server data testing
    • HockeyApp, Testflight and Jenkins for build management
    • mLogCat to pull direct Android device logs, working with code to fix problems and improve game optimization
    • Fiddler for simulated online Functionality
    • Postman for Leaderboard functionality and bot users
    • TestRail for test planning and use case breakdown
    • Git and GitKraken for monitoring build stability/branch upkeep
    • AnTuTu and Google’s Battery Historian for battery/performance benchmarking
In addition, I provided active input & feedback to the design and art teams on some of the following features:
  • Balancing pre-existing heroes & units through advanced use of spreadsheets (Excel/Google Sheets)
  • Creating and maintaining relevant documentation with Microsoft Office suite and Confluence
  • Several UI reworks/iterations and overall UX improvements
  • Mechanics assisting FTUE and core gameplay flow, such as an “Elixir” debt system
  • Writing and iterating on text ranging from unit descriptions/tactics to flavour text, for improving player retention
  • Worked directly with Technical Designer to create comprehensive Unit Tag system to improve Bot AI and player experience
  • Analyzing playtests, match data, evaluating game health, and conveying relevant feedback to rest of the team
  • Working directly with producers regarding workflow efficiency/team communication as well as shadowing the Technical Designer during feature design and implementation with dedicated 1:1s
  • Asset setup within Unity 2018
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