Cinematic FPS w/ PvP [2018]

Sniper Strike: Special Ops

Studio: Eight Pixels Square
Release: Q1 2018
Platforms: iOS , Android
Timeframe: Q3 2017- q4 2018

Sniper Strike: Special Ops is mobile cinematic FPS developed by Eight Pixels Square, a sister company of Outplay Entertainment, where players can enjoy a cinematic campaign, challenging missions with procedural objectives, or duel one another in intense sniper gameplay. My responsibilities included assisting with weapon, level and character design & balancing, alongside multiplayer usability and stress testing.

The title has over 7 million downloads and is available on iOS and Android.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Compile feedback in documents and communicate with the Eight Pixels Square design team indirectly
  • Document market research and competitor learnings
  • Provide additional design input for weapons, levels, and characters
  • Assist with Multiplayer duel balancing
  • Stress test multiplayer functionality
  • Playtest and provide feedback on game “feel”
  • Aid in improving UX of Weapon customization system

Above are some relevant sample screenshots, click each one for the full image plus comments on my design contributions.

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